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Origin:  Anaheim, CA

Genre:  Metal

Years Active:  2021 - Present


Authors of Fate is an amalgamation of seasoned veterans from the heavy metal bands Kaustik, The Slow Forward, Killix, and Ruach. Collectively these musicians have performed throughout California extensively, toured the U.S., filled in for acts in Europe and Australia, and played shows with numerous notable metal bands over the years. Their mission is to create aggressive heavy music that is genuine and professional, layered in technical prowess, as well as a lyrical depth that explores the darker philosophies of the human condition and social toxicity

plaguing the current world. They write music that appeals to them, as fans of a diverse catalogue of heavy genres, to give the audience an outlet to channel and release the rage and sorrow that builds within us all. Authors of Fate brings a unique sound that blends genres, while staying true to the aggression and intensity of extreme metal. A.O.F. plan to tour extensively in the near future and already have several new projects in the works. See you all in the pit.

Album recorded, produced, and mixed by:

Steve Evetts at Omen Room Studios

Mastered by: Alan Douches at West West Side Music

Elan - Guitar 

Rob - Vocals

Bob - Drums

Gizmo - Bass

Joe - Guitar


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